The Plant Air Purifier system is effective at removing toxic vapors from the air such as formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, trichloroethylene, xylene, alcohols, acetone as well as dust and allergens, leaving your air clean and smelling great. 

Combining hydroculture, air circulation, and nature’s natural ability to clean the air, Dr. Wolverton and the Plant Air Purifier design team developed a product that can clean indoor air and reduce your exposure to harmful airborne toxins.

Recommended Plants
Fragrance Allergy & Sensitivity

From The Derm Review, "studies have shown that up to 30% of the general population is either irritated by or suffers adverse reactions to fragrances."  The Plant Air Purifier can remove micro-particles from the air to prevent unintended exposure to allergens in the air.  Learn more about fragrance sensitivity by clicking on the link below on The Derm Review website.

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Who is Dr. B. C. “Bill Wolverton ?
The Inventor of the Plant Air Purifier Technology

Dr. B.C. Wolverton conducted more than 30 years of research as a civilian scientist with the U.S. military and as a Senior Research Scientist with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). His military research focus was developing a means to protect against and destroy toxic chemicals and pathogenic microbes. Dr. Wolverton’s NASA research was directed toward the development of a closed ecological life support system for long-term space habitation.

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Testing the new Compact Plant Air Purifier (Dec 2015)
Research by Dr. Wolverton

We have conducted a series of sealed chamber studies with the new Compact Plant Air Purifier. All test results were sampled for formaldehyde removal at varying concentrations. Tests runs were conducted both with the fan off and in operation. We also run control studies to verify that there were no chamber leaks.

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NASA Research, the Story Behind the “Sick” FEMA TRAILERS
& How Plants Repaired the Air In 2006

The Sierra Club contacted Dr. Wolverton to install his portable high efficiency plant purifier into a FEMA trailer with high concentrations of formaldehyde. Within a few days the plant air purifier reduced the level of formaldehyde in the trailer from 0.18 parts per million to 0.03 parts per million in the trailer - taking the toxin level from unsafe to within the legal limit of 0.05 ppm determined by the World Health Organization.


Simply add a plant, water and a dose of nutrients every few months

The EPA rates indoor air quality as one of the top five on their list of environmental health risks!

As buildings become “tighter” to reduce energy usage, the buildup of airborne toxins rapidly increases causing "sick building syndrome".

The average person breathes  60 pounds, or 800 cubic  feet, of air a day 
Most toxins enter the body through the air
 Indoor air is typically 
 much more polluted than
 outdoor air
How the Plant Air Purifier Works

One Plant Air Purifier® has the cleaning power of 60 or more houseplants

with a unique design that increases airflow past the root system which is the host of toxin consuming microbes

Air passes through the growing media and activated carbon. The activated carbon within the media attracts toxins from the air and holds them until the microscopic organisms (microbes) consumes them. The byproducts of the consumption process are nontoxic food and energy for the plant. Over time, microbes adapt to their environment and the toxins they are exposed to; they quickly acclimate to the amount and type of toxins in the air, thus becoming more efficient at consuming these toxins. Microbes are exceptional at consuming organic, or carbon based, particles such as volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, known carcinogens.

Why Hydroculture?
Low water auto shutoff

Maximum air flow past the root system

Reservoir large enough for up to one week of use
Easy to see water level

Are you looking for an effective way to clean the air in you home and work environment?

No toxic air filters to clean or replace... EVER!

Our system is completely self-cleaning resulting in reduced waste going into landfills and less maintenance over time.

Special growing media is inert and clean

It does not support mold, mildew growth or insect propagation, as you may get with plants potted in soil.

A beautiful potted plant

More attractive and discrete than your average air filter and will enhance the look and feel of your home or office.

Plant Air Purifier vs. Other Air Purifiers
How Do Toxins Get Into the Air We Breathe?

building materials





beauty products
      Heating/cooling systems


One of the biggest sources of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) is manufactured wood building products: structural plywood, wall paneling, and particleboard being three of the most common. The adhesives used in these products are notorious for giving off VOCs continuously and over a long period of time. Wall and floor finishing materials are also toxic chemical sources, as well as paint and one and two-part floor finishes: urethane, varnish, lacquer, shellac, etc. Fossil fuel burning devices such as heating furnaces, water heaters, and stoves can produce carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.

laundry detergent

air fresheners


Hydroculture is a method of growing plants without the use of soil, sometimes referred to as ‘passive hydroponics’. 
Grow media is inert & odorless
Wicks water up to plant roots

Removes dust & dander

Great for allergy sufferers!
Plant Air Purifier Facts
Snake plant

Moderate to bright light

65 - 80°F

Golden Pothos

Low Light

63 - 86°F

Rubber Plant

Bright Indirect Light

65 - 80°F

Where to use?


Entry Way

Living Room